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Answers to common RSA Refresher questions

I don't know/have lost my certificate number

Your certificate number is located in the top right-hand corner of your RSA Certificate.

I've lost my certificate

If you need a copy of the original certificate you received with your initial training, please contact LCV. Please note: we charge $16.50 for the original certificate.

Alternatively, when you complete the online refresher course, you will receive a certificate at no cost and this refresher certificate serves as adequate evidence of the completion of your RSA training course.

My certificate number and name combination is not valid

If you receive this error when trying to login, check that you are entering the details exactly as they appear on your certificate. Remember to include your middle name if it appears on the certificate.

Other things to consider:

Check you are entering your first name and surname in the correct boxes. Your surname needs to be entered in the Surname box and any other names on your certificate in the First and Other Name box. Also check that you have entered the full certificate number including the letters at the start.

If you are still unable to login, please contact LCV for assistance.

You can download a copy of your RSA Refresher certificate by logging into the RSA Refresher course. The PDF file can then be emailed to your employer or to someone who can print it for you.

If the Start New Course button is grey and it is showing the message;

"Note: You cannot start a new RSA refresher course because there is already one in progress.
You have to finish your current course before you can start a new one."

click on the Continue link under the RSA Refresher Course History.

For the majority of devices and browsers you can use the download function to save a document onto your phone.

If you are using Google Chrome on an iPhone, the simplest way to download a document is to paste the relevant link into another browser and download from there.

For answers to other questions relating to RSA please visit the LCV website.