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Apply for Bridging Course - Eligibility Check

If you have completed an RSA course in another state of Australia, you can apply here to complete an approved RSA Refresher course. After completing the RSA Refresher course, you will receive a certificate to work in liquor licensed venues in Victoria. To apply, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • the interstate RSA course has been approved by that state or territory liquor licensing authority
  • the RSA qualification is not older than 3 years
  • the RSA qualification permits the holder of the qualification to work in any class/type of licensed premises.

It usually takes 3-5 working days to process your bridging course application. Residents of Victoria must complete a course with an LCV approved training providers.

If your interstate RSA certificate does not meet the above criteria, your application to complete the bridging course will be declined.

Please note, the above requirements do not apply to interstate staff supplying liquor at producers events. The producers events are one-off or short-term events for which either a current Victorian RSA certificate or a Statement of Attainment from the Nationally Accredited Training unit (either SITHFAB009A, SITHFAB201, SITHFAB002 or SITHFAB021) are acceptable.